Will a HVAC duct cleaning to fix our pollen irritations or not?

I am entirely at a dead end on what to do about our ongoing seasonal pollen irritations.

They never seem to let up while in the Summer. I consistently have thought it is our indoor air pollen levels being section of the issue, and however, I consistently change our air filters and nothing seems to help! One lady commanded to me that I get a whole lake lake house air purification system. But, after I looked into those whole lake lake house air purification systems, I knew that was not possible. They are way too costly for the kind of currency I make. And there was no way I was taking out a bank loan for any kind of Heating and A/C equipment! Then, someone commanded to me to get a great HVAC duct cleaning done. I never had got our HVAC duct cleaned as long as I have lived at this house, and so, I figured this may help a little. To get the HVAC duct cleaned was a little fancy, but at least I could afford it. I called the heating, ventilation and A/C supplier and scheduled an Heating and A/C specialist to come out and do the HVAC duct cleaning. That happened about a month ago. I can say at this point, our pollen irritations are still undoubtedly much alive and well, but they are slightly less. I’ll know in a few weeks weather or not this HVAC duct cleaning entirely helped me or not. The last step would be to try a portable media air cleaner. If that doesn’t work…well, I know it will be time that I move out of this place!
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