Why I sometimes wish that I could live out of a hotel room

Sometimes, I wish I could live out of a hotel room.

  • Actually, I never wish that I could live out of a hotel room, that’s silly.

Unless, it was a really ritzy and fancy hotel room, but I’m talking about the simple kind. The reason that I occasionally have this crazy thought is simply because of the air conditioning. It always seems to be so much better than in my house. I know it’s because it’s a single room and a bathroom, or at least that’s part of the reason. The A/C doesn’t have to cool all that much square footage. Either way, many of my hotel rooms have felt amazing at night with the air conditioning at max power! You might think it’s silly, but I pile on the blankets and practically pretend like I’m sleeping in winter weather! You have to understand, I get the most wonderful night’s rest in a very cold room. That’s the way it’s always been for me. Not to mention the fact that in many of the hotel rooms that I’ve stayed in, the bed actually feels better than the one I have at home. Most of the time that I find myself in a hotel room, it’s because I’m traveling for work. The reason is not all that riveting most often; just some mundane business meetings that need to take place far away for some reason. However, I’m always at least a little excited because of the great night’s rest that I know I will get in a perfectly air-conditioned hotel room.


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