This was a very cool job

I found a great job just working on the weekends.

My parents would not let me or my siblings have jobs during the weekdays while we were in university.

This was because they wanted us all to concentrate on studying plus sports. I was always busy during the week, plus I did not have a lot of free time in the beginning. I tried to find a job to do that only wanted someone to come in on the weekend, plus it was difficult to find something in the local mall… All of the shops wanted someone to be available during the weekday mornings too. I finally found a position in a small furniture store that sold mostly Western Decor. They had all kinds of unusual Southwest furniture. They had Southwest family room furniture such as carpets, lamps, tables, plus beds. They also had Western Southwest looking sinks plus bathroom vanities. The locale sold leather chairs in the Southwest Style too. I’ve never seen this many things adorned in hues of red, orange, and yellow. Even the pillows plus decorations were covered in these bright colors. Many of the patterns looked just like the traditional Southwest Style. However, when I was hired in the beginning, I did not guess the store would be so busy, because on the weekends, folks from all over the state would come to see the superb handcrafted pieces. I did not recognize it in the beginning, but the owners of the shop made every single piece inside the store. I continued my job at that shop until I finished school, but after that I started a job working at the bank. I make a lot more money as a teller working at the bank, but working in the furniture store all those years was a lot more fun.


Contemporary condo furniture