The gym fitness room was combined with the spa

The last vacation I was on was great, except for the hotel fitness room.

Online showed pictures of the gym and it looked amazing.

I saw treadmills, jump ropes, free weights and an elliptical. It looked small, but good enough for a workout on vacation. When I arrived I realized that the gym was combined with the spa. Everything was packed into one large room only separated by curtains. So the hot tubs, steam baths and sauna where only a curtain away from the treadmill. The heating system was set to sauna like temperatures as well, not a gym temperature. I am used to my fitness center at home that cranks the AC and has the thermostat set super low. The hotel gym thermostat had to be set to around 80 degrees. It was a horrible work out experience. I packed t-shirts and long pants to work out in expecting air conditioning or running outdoors in the cold. I spent each morning hoping nobody walked in the gym. I worked out in my underwear and bra. I had to use a towel to mop up my sweat and drank gallons of water the whole time. I actually did feel good after my workout. I felt like my pores were clean and I was cleansed. I get why women do hot yoga now. It did feel like a way better work out. I just had to be a little more careful. I was thankful that a fitness class did not roll into the gym while I was mid work out. It would be hard to explain why I was in my unides.


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