Switching from a corporate place to be with my kids

The two of us always had to dress and Corporation casual and then drive 45 minutes to a downtown office building.

The two of us regularly spent a difficult time getting our car parked, and the two of us were most often forced to deal with the type of issues that come from working in a building with lots of folks.

One important thing that happened regularly was an argument over the indoor temperatures. It seems that some folks we’re happy to have temperatures that were uncomfortable and humid, and then other people did not want the same warm temperatures. Well when the two of us decided that we were going to stay home from work with our kids, the two of us did away with the claustrophobic office section and working from nine to numerous hours. The two of us didn’t like that terrible office environment anyways, and now the two of us don’t have to deal with restricted hours and a terrible indoor environment. The two of us completely control our own heating, ventilation, and AC components. The two of us set every hour of our own and can work all day long in our pajamas if we deem fit. My office section is my own house, and I have an apartment dedicated office with a great Irma going to make chair as well as up-to-date wood. I can even rest a bit near the back porch if I have a few hours or minutes that I need to stretch my legs or thing. It’s nice to be at home working for all these reasons and it’s great to be here with the kids.


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