Sitting in traffic for three hours

The Tampa Bay area is comprised of Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, and a few other small communities.

The Tampa Bay area is so large that there are four different counties represented in the metropolitan area.

Tampa Bay area is made up of Manatee, Sarasota, Polk, and Citrus counties. There are more than three million people living in the Tampa Bay area. During the afternoon, all of the roads leading out of Tampa Bay are filled with cars. I happen to live outside of the Tampa Bay area, but I work in St Petersburg. Sometimes the traffic can be unnerving. Last Monday afternoon, I was headed home from St Petersburg. I worked until five in the afternoon, and my day was filled with meetings and paperwork. The last thing I wanted to do was sit in traffic for 3 hours. Unfortunately, that is exactly what occurred. A large tanker truck jackknifed on the interstate, closing all five lanes of outgoing city traffic. It took hours to clean up the mess, and traffic was backed up for 13 miles leaving Tampa. There was crude oil all over the interstate and it was a fire hazard. I sat in the car waiting for the traffic to move. The local radio station kept us informed about the accident. By the time I got home from St Petersburg, it was almost 9 in the evening. I barely had time to make dinner and relax, before I had to head to bed. On days like that, I wish I could hot snooze in the morning, wake up at 9, and spend the morning in bed with the crossword puzzle.

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