She is a fitness guru

My friend Melissa is somewhat of a fitness guru, but she’s always trying to get me to come to his health as well as fitness center to sign up for classes as well as nutritional programs.

  • I am just not that interested, though.

I’m happy that he cares about me as well as our health, although I just can’t really get myself all gleeful about starting a workout program at a new gym. I absolutely had a gym membership a few years ago, however you suppose how it goes. I got into a relationship as well as started getting too comfortable with myself. I stopped going to the gym as well as I wasn’t the least interested in personal physical training or anything like that; Because of that, I started to earn some weight as well as I was feeling pretty exhausting about myself for quite a while. Melissa noticed that I was gaining weight as well as feeling exhausting about myself as well as so he started asking me about coming to 1 of his group fitness training classes at the health as well as fitness center where he works, however ever since the first afternoon he asked me, I guess like she’s made it his personal mission to get me started in a nutritional program or some group physical fitness classes. Every single time I see her, he mentions something about it. I just wish that for once I could meet his for lunch or something as well as have his not talk about going to the gym! I don’t want to join the health as well as a fitness center as well as I really don’t want to sign up for a nutritional program. I am absolutely not the fitness guru that Melissa is.
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