Refrigerant leak causing problems with A/C

Recently, my air conditioning unit seemed to lose a good deal of its cooling power.

The decline in coolness was gradual, but eventually, it was obvious.

It’s almost like I was in denial at first. First, I just figured it was in my imagination. Then, I just figured that I needed to turn the temperature down even though that same temperature was perfectly fine not so long ago. At last, I had to acknowledge that something was up. The air filter was clean and the thermostat was in working order, as far as I could tell. Not really knowing what else I could do, I called out my HVAC technician. He did some inspecting here and there. It wasn’t long before he figured out the problem. I had a refrigerant leak. For a moment, I wondered what on earth my refrigerator had to do with any of this. Then, I sort of remembered that refrigerant is the same stuff that allows the air conditioning to cool the air in my home. I’m sure glad that I didn’t blurt that out! Anyway, it turns out it was an easy fix. He just needed to recharge the refrigerant to the proper levels and seal the leak. It was all done in a jiffy, and then I was able to turn on my air conditioning unit and it felt like the air was cooler than ever! It felt great, and it got me thinking. I sure wish some of the other problems in my life were such an easy fix!

a/c repairman