Pay attention to unusual noises coming from your HVAC unit!

Sometimes, my brain takes a vacation.

It seems like I can be juggling all sorts of things in my life and doing a pretty good job of it too.

Yet, one or two important things will slip my mind consistently. You may think you can’t remember everything, but some of those things are really important! I’ve ignored needing an oil change in my vehicle until I started noticing that it’s performance was suffering, which is never good, because by that time you’re in trouble! I kind of did the same thing with my HVAC unit recently. It started making this weird screeching noise. It would only happen sometimes, and at first it was only mildly annoying. Silly me let it go until it became a common occurrence that I almost didn’t hear any more. I guess you can get used to just about anything. Then, one night there was a terrific bang that scared me half to death. It was followed immediately by the air-conditioning shutting down entirely. There was not much else to do, but try and sleep in my hot room for the rest of the night, and call out an HVAC technician the next morning. The technician arrived the next afternoon. It didn’t take too much looking around for him to figure out that noise was telling me about a very real problem that I needed to address. Apparently, a certain mechanical part of the HVAC unit were getting looser and looser until it completely flew off it’s housing and got caught in another part of the system that caused an emergency shutdown!
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