Not sure of the value of central cooling system

Last fall, a local HVAC contractor offered an amazing deal on central cooling.

Because I needed to install a new furnace, I was able to add air conditioning at a reasonable price.

There was also a rebate from the manufacturer and a tax credit for choosing an Energy Star rated model. Since my wife and kids were desperate for air conditioning, I spent the extra money for it. We then endured an especially long and brutally cold winter, with temperatures down to twenty-eight below zero. I was relieved to have the new furnace and pleased with its performance. The heating system easily kept the home nice and warm and carried the heavy workload with no problems. The cold weather hung around until the end of May. After that, we dealt with constant rain and mild temperatures. My whole family was eager to start up the air conditioner, but we didn’t need it. I started to doubt the value of my investment. For the majority of the summer, the cooling system wasn’t necessary. I ran the air conditioner less than a half dozen times. The weather didn’t warm up until the fall, and it wasn’t all that hot. It was simply humid and the house felt clammy and unpleasant. We started to have issues with mold and mildew. I decided to run the fan of the cooling unit to get the air moving. It also filtered the air, helped with dehumidification and made the house feel fresher. I’ve realized that the central cooling system provides benefits beyond temperature control. It eliminates airborne allergens and greatly improves air quality. It lets us keep the windows shut, which prevents an influx of bugs and fumes and avoids safety risks.


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