Moving to a new place in the city

There are a lot of places in Florida that I have never visited, and I have lived in Florida for 25 years.

I moved here in 1995, shortly after I graduated from high school.

I didn’t have any college prospects or a job, and one of my friends wanted to move to Tampa, Florida. He wanted me to move as well, and he even promised that I could get a job in Tampa, Florida. I thought about the decision for a week before I said yes. My mom and my sister didn’t want me to move. They thought that Tampa, Florida was too far away from home. I thought it was the perfect distance to make a life of my own. When Jeremy and I arrived in Tampa, Florida, I was overwhelmed. It was so much different than our hometown. I grew up in a small town with one gas station and one red light. Tampa, Florida was like visiting a foreign land. There was so many things to see and a thousand things to occupy our time. Jeremy and I got a job working for his uncle. He has a very large car wash right in St Petersburg. Jeremy worked at the car wash for a couple of months. I am still working at the same place 20 years later. I am the regional manager for all of our Tampa, Florida car wash locations. I have a lovely wife and two children in middle school. Moving here was the best decision of my life. Jeremy and I are still close friends, and we see each other all of the time.

St. Petersburg