Major improvements in air conditioning

The air conditioner industry has significantly improved over the years.

The industry is growing because of consumer demand.

Where once air conditioners used to be gigantic pieces of machinery that consumed huge amounts of energy, they’ve become compact and efficient. Government regulations have increased the acceptable SEER rating. The manufacturers needed to design systems that minimize impact on the environment. They have gradually gotten rid of Freon refrigerant that tends to deplete the ozone. Freon will be illegal for manufacturers to use in the next ten years. They have switched to a more environmentally friendly alternative that provides superior efficiency overall. They’ve also developed adaptable speed compressors. The compressor is able to automatically adjust speed to accommodate the demands of the home. These innovations can run anywhere between forty and one hundred percent capacity. The air conditioner maintains more even temperature and lessens wear and tear on components. These lightweight and streamlined cooling units take up less space and operate quietly. Because they run at lower speeds, the system offers better dehumidification and air quality. Today’s air conditioners feature multiple stage filtration, trapping more contaminants such as dust, dander and pollen. Although modern air conditioners are rather expensive, the higher efficiency ratings make for lower monthly costs and quickly recover the investment. Newer air conditioners come with longer manufacturers warranties. However, it’s necessary to schedule professional maintenance with a licensed contractor. A record of maintenance is required to ensure continued coverage. Another benefit of modern air conditioning is the rewards of wifi connectivity. These smart systems can be controlled through an app on a smartphone from virtually anywhere.

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