It’s difficult to find a full-service cleaning company in the city limits

I decided to move to the city multiple years ago, as well as I’m spoiled by the life in this place… I truly love having our groceries delivered, as well as I like eating fresh bagels as well as lox at four in the morning hours. I love knowing the people around here always stay awake at night, as well as I love hearing the sounds of the city. I’m always working for the most part, as well as I hardly ever have time to get chores done around the property. I tried to find a good cleaning service to help with these small tasks, but it’s a major challenge to find a full-service cleaning corporation in the city. Most full service cleaning companies send out a live-in housekeeper, butler, or maid. My wife as well as I wanted to find a full-service cleaning corporation, but we seriously didn’t want to hire a maid to live in our property. Both of us searched for such a long time, as well as we ran into nothing but problems. Most of the cleaning companies would agree to disinfect windows, clean the floors, as well as empty trash cans. It was especially hard to find a cleaning corporation that would disinfect the laundry, iron shirts, as well as restock the fridge. I was thinking it would be straight-forward to find a full-service cleaning corporation in the city, but it’s just been too much trouble. I hired a cleaning corporation just the other week, as well as they only lasted through 2 appointments. They were actually complaining about washing our underwear. I hired a different cleaning corporation after that, as well as I ended up with a missing watch which was very upsetting. That was a $5,000 mistake, as well as the watch wasn’t insured either. I’m not exactly prepared to hire a live-in housekeeper or maid, but I’m running out of viable options.


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