I tried to install an upstairs A/C unit by myself

When my upstairs air conditioning unit stopped working a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I was going to go and replace it myself.

  • I have a little window unit air conditioner upstairs that helps to cool down my bedroom at night when I am trying to sleep.

Without the soothing sound of the A/C running and the nice cooling sensation coming from the air vents, I have a really hard time sleeping. I suffer from insomnia, and so everything has to be just right before I go to bed at night. I didn’t really want to call my local HVAC company to have someone come out and install the window unit A/C for me. I wanted to install it myself. I thought that it really couldn’t be too hard. Honestly, I figured that if I watched a video tutorial online about air conditioning installation, I could do it easily. Well, I got all of my tools together and I started to work. I really thought that I could get the A/C installed within an hour or so and then I could get back to my day. But of course, that’s not what happened. I think I needed an extra pair of hands or something. I needed someone to hold things while I worked on the A/C unit. Instead, I ended up having to prop the air conditioner up with the back of a chair. The chair shifted, the A/C crashed down to the floor, and it landed on my foot. I should’ve called an expert to help me to start with.
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