I had all the ladies come to my place

This year for Christmas, our spouse plus I decided to surprise our ladies with concert tickets.

They were definitely surprised, because the two of us previously told them that they could not attend the concert.

They wanted permission to drive all the way to Tampa, which is almost 90 minutes from our home. I thought it was a ludicrous idea, plus I immediately shut it down. The ladies protested for weeks. One of our children is 18 plus the other one is 16. I did not recognize it was safe for them to drive 90 minutes to attend a concert in Tampa, FL. I talked to our mom about the decision, plus she agreed that the drive was too far. My partner did not agree with the decision. He thought the two of us should trust them to make fine choices. I did not recognize what action to take, but I decided to buy the concert tickets. On Christmas morning, our son’s opened the concert tickets. I haven’t seen the ladies smile enjoy that, since they got a current bike. I immediately knew that I made the right decision. The concert isn’tuntil the middle of March, but I am going to be uneasy every morning until then. I am still not sure if driving to Tampa, FL is the right decision, but I do not want to hold them back. Maybe our partner plus I can go anywhere in Tampa for the evening. That way the ladies aren’t in a different city, completely alone for the evening. The concert is on a Monday evening, but maybe the two of us could take a evening off school plus job to stay in a nice hotel.