I don’t know why it’s so hard to find a great full-service cleaning company

I moved to the city close to ten years ago, and I’m spoiled by this type of life.

I like having all of my groceries delivered, and I especially like eating fresh bagels and lox early in the morning.

It’s great knowing that the city stays awake inside the evening, and I love hearing the different sounds of the city. I’m consistently at work, and I rarely ever have time to get chores done around the residence. I tried to get a cleaning service to help with these small tasks, however it’s tough to find a full-service cleaning business in the city. A majority of full service cleaning companies send out a live-in housekeeper, butler, or maid. My wife and I wanted to find a full-service cleaning business, however we weren’t trying to hire a maid to live in our home. Both of us looked for weeks and weeks, and there honestly was nothing but trouble coming our way. Most of the cleaning companies would agree to wash windows, clean the floors, and empty trash cans. It was tough to find a cleaning business that would take care of the laundry, iron shirts, and restock the refrigerator. I thought it would be completely simple to find a full-service cleaning business in the city, however it’s just been a pain in the neck. I hired a cleaning business last month, and they only lasted through a few appointments! They complained about washing our underwear and a few other things. I hired a totally different cleaning business after that, and I ended up with a missing watch that was very costly. That was a $5,000 mistake, and the watch wasn’t insured either. I am not even prepared to hire a live-in housekeeper or maid, however I am honestly running out of viable options.
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