Five Ways Air Conditioning Has Changed the World We Live In

Have you ever thought about how much certain inventions have changed the world around us? The invention of the car changed the whole fabric of the American way of life.

The computer changed the workforce and now even our personal lives.

Air conditioning has changed our world quite a bit, as well. Here are ten things that have changed now that a/c is common. First, people are living in areas they never would have lived before. In my state, it gets so darn hot that life here without air conditioning would be miserable. But there are parts of the world where no one would have even bothered to try to populate if there were no such thing as HVAC. Second, a/c has affected the birth rate. On the whole, the birth rate has been declining over recent decades, which is probably not a good thing. But even so, it would have declined even more if it were not for a/c. When it’s hot, people generally abstain. A/C has made it more enjoyable to have sex even in the hottest months. Third, a/c is likely to allow us to survive long enough to figure out a fix to the climate change predicament. Fourth, a/c helps us sleep better and longer. Science says that dark, cool rooms are the best climate for sleeping, and a/c helps bring that about. Finally, watch out for mosquitoes and other insect nuisances that oftentimes carry disease. They will be able to make their way out of the tropics and into other areas thanks in part to air conditioning.

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