Famous dudes totally have trainers

Famous dudes always have personal trainer. It’s the exact reason why guys like Tom Cruise can be 60 years old with rock hard ABS. When I saw the guy at 20 he didn’t look as good as he does at 60, and there’s no real genetic reason why that could happen. A lot of scientific work is one reason, plus it’s clear to see that some things like the teeth plus no have absolutely being redone. The guy is just like a mythical creature that never ages. Even though I have tried on many occasion to look that good, I do not have the money to afford personal trainers + expert nutritionist that are working on every meal. These famous dudes don’t have to work out with broken treadmills or go for a run with out any weights to lift. The whole monthly schedule is probably highlighting uncommon parts of each body. I suppose he’s particular Health Plans plus diet would actually help a person consume. These bodies only look this way due to experts that have been there and their field for a number of years. The famous dudes have the money to hire those experts in addition to they don’t even have to TASC card. They can look better just because they have the money in addition to it seems like a terrible thing to know that you can’t change unless you have a lot of money. I’m not really saying that the guy doesn’t deserve to look better, but it’s completely tolerable for some 60 year old guys to look better than me in my twenties.


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