Ex boyfriend locks thermostat to make moving out miserable

I recently went through a very nasty break-up.

I was shocked by how ugly it got.

For five years, Randy and I got along great. We spent a lot of time together. I figured we’d eventually get married and be happy. Unfortunately, our relationship completely fell apart. We began fighting over little things. Eventually, Randy and I both got fed up and wanted out. Our emotions obliterated any rational thought and the situation escalated quickly. All of a sudden, there was a war going on instead of a reasonable separation. It’s been a stressful situation. A couple of weeks ago, Randy finally allowed me to get my things out of our his house. I had left everything behind because I was in a rush to get away from him. Then Randy refused to let me back into the home. We argued over it. Randy finally consented in the middle of July. It was especially hot and humid that day. It wasn’t the ideal conditions to be moving furniture and big boxes. When I entered the house, I immediately realized that the place was ungodly hot and clammy. I checked the thermostat and saw that my stupid ex had set it at 80 degrees. Of course, Randy had to ensure the task of moving out was as awful as possible. Rather than being a decent guy, he had deliberately turned up the temperature. Although it was almost 90 degrees outside, the air conditioning wasn’t operating. The house was swelteringly and sticky. He’d installed a new smart thermostat that required a code. I had no possibility of turning down the temperature or initiating the air-conditioning. I thought about smashing the thermostat. I considered hiring an HVAC technician to install a new thermostat so Randy wouldn’t have with the code. Instead, I ignored it and moved as quickly as possible. I was just happy not to continue to deal with him any longer.

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