Everything was looking up when I decided to become a personal trainer

Physical fitness has always been a huge part of my life.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve been involved with all weird types of sports! As I got older though, I got interested in all aspects of training.

Back in university sports, I took extracurriculars dedicated to sports science, sports medicine in addition to other sports and training related classes. Post-graduation, I tried to find work with a professional sports team. Somewhere in the NFL was my goal! However, I soon found that the field is harshly competitive! Even trying to get an entry level job was impossible, and so I finally found myself working at a single one of the bigger gyms that is part of a nationwide chain. I liked that the gym offered every imaginable category of equipment! Plus, there were classes and amenities out the wazoo. I didn’t care about how there was so many folks in this place, seeing as that lead to no personalized help for clients. I watched as a rapid turnover rate of clients happened in the gym, and soon I found that people were getting discouraged in addition to quitting! Left to train on their own, most folks just didn’t have the right motivation and became discouraged. When I first decided I wanted to be a personal trainer, I knew the transition would be fairly easy! I needed to get a few more certifications, sure – but I completed those in no time flat. However, other than the gym itself, I had to find work through one of the bigger gyms at first for exposure! Despite this lack of experience, I struggled to get hired, but I was eventually brought in and flourished. My life has been wonderful ever since!


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