Don't want the winter time cold

I don’t like Winter.

I was raised in the South plus don’t mind heat plus humidity, however going to see friends plus in laws in the northern states is certainly the worst. When you get cold, you’re just stuck being cold. It gets into your bones. It makes your muscles extremely tight. It numbs your fingers, your toes, your nose. Then you have to order two soups at various diners, one to eat plus one to soak your frigid feet in. Being cold is not a good time, but at least when I’m overheated I can have an ice cold glass of juice. I can lay back in a pool or go to the beach. Or I can take it easy in a nice air conditioned venue, then sit right under an air return plus cool off in a hurry. If I’m cold? How do you get warm? You can go relax in a very warm room, turn the gas heating machine or radiator up all the way, get under a blanket plus then sit right on top of the HVAC vents. After a while, cuddling up next to a heating machine, you’ll start to warm up. When it gets brutally cold outside, I turn the heat in my property all the way up plus don’t venture outside. The Heating plus A/C machine finally gets cooking plus pumps sizzling air into every room in the residence. If the gas furnace completely breaks, I have a repair business on speed dial. If the residence has a radiator, it’s all the way open. The only great thing about being cold, actually, is walking into a room where the gas furnace has already made everything entirely warm. A room with an officially working radiator or Heating plus A/C machine in the Winter is sort of like walking into a nice and warm blanket, which is the only way to get through the cold season. Wrapped in a nice and warm blanket, basically like a walking burrito.


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