Don't block air vents or registers

For the longest time, our HVAC unit always seemed to heat or cool certain parts of the house better than others.

There were certain rooms that we could always count on to be cooler during the summer when the air conditioner was running and often those same rooms were warmer in the winter when the heat was on.

My family lived like this for so long that we just ended up taking it for granted. However, one day I decided to do some research as to what might be causing this problem. One of the potential causes a bad air flow that was mentioned was blocked off vents or registers. That got me thinking. It turns out that we did have some rooms with blocked vents and registers. The couch in the living room was blocking a register. The dresser in my daughter’s room with blocking a vent. I found another register behind a TV that was pretty restricted in terms of air flow. I moved all of these obstructions out of the way so that the vents and registers can do their thing. Would you believe that we started getting better airflow in those rooms that had there been sore registered blocked? I felt so silly for not addressing this problem sooner. We could have had far better airflow that whole time! Maybe you should take a look around your home to see if there are any vents or registers that are being blocked by furniture or other such items. If some of them are, move the stuff out of the way and see if you don’t get a better HVAC experience!


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