Depth of the Manufacturing and Industrial Labeling Market

Owning my very own business has been my sole career aim since I was like a teen.

I can remember being a kid and working that first minimum wage part time job.

It was at a small, regional grocery chain. My boss treated me like I was his personally appointed grunt. The man was just awful to all of us. Coming home from that job one day, I looked in a window and I saw a dude screen printing t-shirts. It was a tiny, little space that had previously been a street pizza joint. But, the music was going and this guy was designing all sorts of graphics and other decorative solutions. Ironically, that tagless t shirt printing business would turn out to leave a very lasting impression. I went on to college. Did the right thing, made the right grades but focused my passion through creativity. I went to work for someone and quit after the first month. I decided that I could get into the printing, lamination and label printing business. It would work out very well given two very important things that I understood once I quit that first job. I wasn’t working for anyone else again, ever. The only important thing to me was being able to design and create. Signs, graphics and t shirt design and printing would leverage both of those positions very well. The label making alone is made easy and profitable through our Hix printer. It is so versatile that I am able to take on a number of different print materials. Most of that business is fairly local so the design aspect is limited. But I can get super creative with the t shirt printing aspect.

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