Changing my thermostat to wireless

Based on a suggestion from my brother, who happens to work in the heating and cooling industry, I decided to change my thermostat from a wired digital thermostat to a wireless thermostat.

It was coming about time to change the old thermostat as it had been acting up quite a bit in the last year.

So I had a few different options. One was to just replace the digital thermostat with the same exact model, or, get into something completely different. The wireless thermostat sounded like a great idea after my brother explained more about it to me in detail. The main thing that caught my interest and sold me on it was the fact that it had a longer lifespan than your common digital thermostat. Since mainly, the wireless thermostat is run on batteries, that made a big difference! I went and got the wireless thermostat, and to save myself money on any installation costs, I asked my brother if he wouldn’t mind coming over and installing this thing for me. He agreed to do it on a weekend when he was free. That weekend is coming up. I am looking forward to having my brand new wireless thermostat. And, I am more so hoping that my brother is correct on it having a longer lifespan than my old digital thermostat. My digital thermostat lasted about 15 years. If the wireless thermostat can outlive that, then that will be awesome. Because I hope to be retiring around that time, and when I do, i’ll be moving out of this house. So it will be perfect timing.



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