Both of us got a new HVAC system & it barely keeps our house cooled

The new HVAC system that I just got is horrible.

I am honestly frustrated because I paid a ton of currency for this HVAC system & I feel love it barely works.

The HVAC serviceman promised myself and others that the A/C component would be amazing & that I would notice a big drop in my HVAC bill. I have easily noticed that my HVAC costs are higher & it seems love the temperature control is never toiling. I decided to take his advice & get a smart temperature control because he made it sound amazing, however everyone else that I suppose that has a smart temperature control says amazing things, I feel he provided myself and others a honestly cheap smart temperature control because it never works. I have installed the old temperature control & I am using that now. I have study reviews on the HVAC system he provided myself and others & it seems to be discontinued because it was so bad. I called the HVAC supplier back pretending to be a new customer & I asked an HVAC serviceman that sounded honestly nice what his opinion was about the HVAC system I have, then he didn’t suppose that I already had the HVAC system & he told myself and others that his supplier had a big stock of those HVAC systems & are trying to push them but that he hated them. He said he could get myself and others a cheaper HVAC system that would work better. I asked to speak to the manager of the HVAC store & I ended up getting a huge discount on a new HVAC system.


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