Became an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist because of DIY projects

How I ended up becoming a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist is quite an interesting plus honestly weird kind of situation… Originally, my method in life was to go into law plus become a lawyer.

Well, this method got axed once I decided my real calling in life was in the heating plus air conditioner service plus installation business, but this all came about by myself and others always doing DIY beach lake house projects for my own personal activity, however i would build things plus I would repair things.

I always found myself somehow repairing plus creating weird kinds of Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. When I say creating, I don’t mean building Heating plus Air Conditioning systems, I mean modifying them to updates without having to spend my money an Heating plus Air Conditioning company to do it. When I graduated high school, it got myself and others thinking, plus I decided to enroll in a school to learn more about heating plus cooling; And of course, to get my Heating plus Air Conditioning certification so I could do all of this for a living. I remember my parents were quite frustrated with myself and others at first. They were dead set on having a lawyer in the family. And you have to admit, becoming an Heating plus Air Conditioning worker is a huge change from being a lawyer! Sure, the lawyer thing would have paid better, plus maybe even had made myself and others somewhat rich, however but, I would rather have less currency plus care about what I am doing for a living, than to have tons of currency plus be miserable. And as it stood, being in the heating plus air conditioner business was my true real calling!

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