Air filters can get really nasty if they're not changed

How frequently do you change your air conditioner filters? It was a question that did not concern me for the first few years of owning my own HVAC unit for my own house. I did not know the first thing about HVAC and in hindsight I really wish I had been paying attention when my parents changed out the air filters in the home that I grew up in. I was barely aware that it was a necessary ritual to keep your air conditioner working right, but it was just so easy for me to forget to change the air filters early on. Then I let the air filter continue to get clogged up for seven months straight. In that amount of time, the airflow and air quality in my house got worse and worse. One day I woke up and realized that my sneezing fits and the fact that I was hardly getting any cold air from my air conditioner might have something to do with the air filter. That thing was absolutely disgusting when I pulled it out. I talk to myself, I’m breathing this in every day! After seeing how gross that air filter was, I did a pretty good job of regularly changing them from that point on. No more than a month and a half went by without me changing the air filters. Of course, I had to get my air ducts cleaned after such a long stretch of time without replacing the air filter. Only then did I get better airflow and my allergies lessened.

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