Air filter replacement is vital to air quality and HVAC operation

Air quality is a huge priority today in all parts of the country. Greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution have a big impact on the environment and the quality of the air in homes and commercial spaces. Poor air quality can be blamed for an extensive list of health problems, including asthma, allergies, chronic cough, sneezing, migraines and even respiratory infections. Medical providers encourage people to take proactive measures to improve and resolve air quality concerns. Whole-home air purifiers are very effective. Many of these innovative models clean the indoor air approximately eight times every hour. The MERV rating of filters are very important to consider. Issues with air pollution impact all types and layouts of homes and businesses. A big impact on air quality is air filtration and ventilation. When the home is tightened up to prevent energy waste, essential ventilation can be eliminated. The Heating and Air Conditioning system can actually worsen air quality. Over time, the system can accumulate dust, debris, dander and mold spores which can compromise the air quality in a home or business. Typically, air filters are replaced on a monthly basis. The frequency of replacing a filter depends on the type of home and level of contaminants. However, many people neglect to replace the air filters as often as necessary. This doesn’t save money in the end. As the air filter becomes dirty and clogged, the heating and cooling system is required to work longer and harder. This results in higher monthly costs and greater chance of malfunction. It’s much better for air quality and the integrity of the HVAC system to keep up with filter replacement.

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