A visit to Tampa, Fl

We could smell the water, salt, and the fish.

My wife and I have lived in Florida for the past 10 years, but we never took the time to visit Tampa. Since we live in the panhandle region, Tampa is a very long drive. We never had the time or money to visit the destination. We don’t know very many people, and the hotels are very expensive. Last year, my wife’s sister got engaged. Her husband is from Tampa, FL. They decided to get married in his hometown. My wife was in the wedding, so we had no choice but drive to Tampa, FL. It took seven hours and two tanks of gas, but we saw parts of Florida that were unfamiliar to both of us. The wedding was on a Sunday afternoon, but my wife and I decided to drive down on Friday night. We spent all day on Saturday going to some of the cool rust spots in Tampa, FL. We spent the morning walking around the boardwalk. We spent the afternoon in Ybor City. We had a wonderful day in Tampa, and we didn’t see everything. The wedding was held in a country club right on the Tampa Bay. We could smell the water, salt, and the fish. The wedding was beautiful and so were the food, flowers, and decorations. My wife and I had a great time and Tampa, FL, but we’ll have to come back again to see more of the sites. We didn’t even get to go to the Florida Aquarium and that is on the top ten list in Tampa. I’m sure we could easily fill an entire week with things to do in Tampa, Fl.

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