A smart thermostat for Christmas is a great gift

I seldom need to make any adjustments and it has saved me a lot of money already

My family knows that I’m super practical. I have a difficult time spending money on stuff. I’m quite frugal, and never invest in unnecessary items for myself. I would prefer to do without. I look for sales, deals and rebates. My house is not full of luxuries. I never have the newest or best technological innovation. I live a simple life. However, I also struggle without modern amenities and conveniences. When I bought a new gas furnace and air conditioner, I spent as little as I could get away with. I was unwilling to spend extra for features such as zone control and adaptable speed capacity. Because of this, the heating and cooling components aren’t especially energy efficient. I pay higher monthly heating and cooling expenses because I was too cheap to purchase top-of-the-line HVAC systems. Until recently, I managed temperature with an ancient manual thermostat. It provided only a single function. I was able to adjust the indoor temperature of the house. However, the thermostat was not overly accurate. Before leaving for work every morning, I had to remember to either lower or raise the temperature setting to lower energy usage. Otherwise, I got stuck paying to heat or cool an empty space. I was very conscientious about remembering. This meant I would come home from work to an extremely cold or overheated house. For Christmas this past year, my Dad got me a smart thermostat. He hired a licensed HVAC technician to install it. He spent a great deal of money to buy the best model on the market. The smart control is awesome. It automatically adapts temperature to meet my schedule. I seldom need to make any adjustments and it has saved me a lot of money already. It tracks my energy patterns and provides energy saving tips. It notifies me when it’s time to replace the air filters or schedule HVAC maintenance. I also get alerts if there’s an indoor temperature fluctuation.

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